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Rep. C. Adam Harris is now serving his eighth term representing the people of the 82nd District and first term as the Liquor Control Committee Majority Chairman. 

Before being elected to office in November 2002, Adam was a research analyst for the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee, where he gained a working knowledge of the Legislature and issues affecting business and economic growth in Pennsylvania. This background has given him insight into what it takes to make Pennsylvania a prosperous state able to attract and retain employers. Improving Pennsylvania’s business climate and increasing employment opportunities are top priorities for Adam.

Adam’s other legislative priorities include medical malpractice and property tax reform, as well as taking a lead role regarding any issues or legislation that impacts rural Pennsylvanians.

He has supported legislation that is tough on crime and holds criminals accountable for their offenses. Adam’s House Bill 2122, which increases the penalties for those who commit crimes of a sexual nature against children, was signed into law as Act 178 of 2006. He collaborated with several of his colleagues to produce this measure, seen as a comprehensive sentencing package for sex offenders consistent with the Commonwealth’s body of sentencing guidelines. Adam will carry on his fight for the protection of Pennsylvania’s children and will continue to call for strict sentencing directives.

Another legislative victory, a portion of State Route 22/322 in Juniata County was named in memory of Dr. L. G. Guiser, thanks to Adam’s efforts. He also worked to pass legislation that would end “triple dipping,” which is when an individual who collects a public pension or private retirement benefit while returning to work, only to collect unemployment compensation when leaving the job. This session he authored a bill, which passed the House, to ensure that state delinquent taxes are paid before individuals enjoy their state lottery winnings.

Adam is an alumnus of Juniata High School and a graduate of Susquehanna University, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in political science. He is a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, and is the legislative liaison for the Mifflin – Juniata – Snyder County chapter of PROA (Pennsylvania Rental Property Owners Association).

Adam’s district is comprised of the townships of Beale, Bratton, Delaware, Derry, Fannett, Fayette, Fermanagh, Granville, Greenwood, Lack, Menno, Metal, Milford, Monroe, Oliver, Spruce Hill, St. Thomas, Susquehanna, Turbett, Tuscarora and Walker as well as the boroughs of Burnham, Juniata Terrace, Lewistown, McVeytown, Mifflin, Mifflintown, Port Royal and Thompsontown.
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