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Harris Bill to Franchise State Stores Passes House Committee
HARRISBURG – The House Liquor Control Committee passed a bill drafted by Adam Harris (R-Franklin/Juniata/Mifflin) to allow for franchising of state Wine and Spirits stores with the sale of retail store licenses.

Harris, also chairman of the committee, explained that his goal is to provide greater convenience and choice to customers, sharing that the approximately 50,000 residents of Perry County are forced to travel to the only store in the county to make their purchases. Given that it is located at one end of the county, many residents have long drives in underserved areas like Harris’s district.

Committee members shared possible improvements to the bill, including increasing the license fees closer to their value, thereby realizing a healthy gain on an important taxpayer asset.

“I appreciated the discussion the committee had today, as I learned about aspects of the bill that may need to be tweaked. I am open to discussion as I work to provide Pennsylvanians with more options,” Harris said. “My bill is intended to complement the system that is already in place.”

The committee also voted in favor of a bill that would allow spirits to be sold by those holding valid restaurant or hotel liquor licenses. The expanded permit would come with initial and renewal fees.

Both bills are now awaiting a vote in the House.

Representative Adam Harris
82nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Alison Evans
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