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My Audio Updates
Here you will find audio clips about important events that have taken place during the current and past Legislative Sessions.
Rep. Adam Harris Comments on First Convenience Store Sales of Wine in PA - 10/4/2016
The first Pennsylvania convenience store licensed for private wine sales commenced operation Tuesday in Shippensburg, resulting from the passage of the Adult Beverage Convenience and Wine Privatization Act earlier this year. Rep. Adam Harris (R-Franklin, Mifflin), chairman of the House Liquor Control Committee, said this will provide much needed tax revenue to the state.
Harris Bill to Eliminate Pension and Unemployment Double Dipping Advances in PA House - 5/9/2012
The House Labor and Industry Committee has approved legislation to prohibit individuals who leave employment to preserve state pension benefits from double-dipping and also collecting unemployment compensation. Author of the bill, Rep. Adam Harris (R-Juniata, Mifflin & Snyder) said the practice of retired state employees temporarily returning to work for the Commonwealth and then filing for unemployment benefits has cost Pennsylvania taxpayers more than a million dollars last year alone. Mike Davies reporting... full story and a stand-alone bite are available.
Rep. Harris Explains How New Voter ID Law Will Affect Upcoming Elections - 4/4/2012
New voting regulations have been signed into law in Pennsylvania that will require photo ID’s for voters to eliminate the possibility of election fraud. Rep. Adam Harris (R-Juniata, Mifflin & Snyder) explains how the new voting regulations will work and what voters need to know for the upcoming elections. Mike Davies reporting... full story and a stand-alone bite are available.
Rep. Adam Harris Trout Stocking Schedule PSA - 3/8/2012
Rep. Adam Harris (R-Juniata, Mifflin & Snyder) has released the following Public Service Announcement for Pennsylvania anglers on the availability of trout stocking schedules for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s 2012 adult trout stocking program.